Our Mission

Air/Sea Heritage Foundation is dedicated to the study, investigation and preservation of relics, wrecks, sites, and stories related to aviation and maritime history. The foundation conducts or supports original field expeditions and archival research around the world, focused on illuminating our nautical and aeronautical past. It is an IRS certified 501(c)(3) nonprofit and does not maintain a museum or collection. Officers of Air/Sea Heritage Foundation receive no financial compensation of any kind, acting as volunteers in service to public benefit and education.

Latest News

Air Sea Heritage in partnership with NOAA Ocean Exploration conduct a deep water investigation near San Juan, Puerto Rico for the wreckage site of Clipper Endeavor.

Watch NOAA’s ROV recorded search of our first two underwater targets conducted on Thursday, 25 August 2022. 

Pan American’s Samoan Clipper Went Missing More Than 80 Years Ago. Now a Search Team Hopes to Find It.

From Air & space Magazine, Smithsonian Institution
September 2019